How to become a spectacular eco-traveller: Ideas for travel substitutes that won’t harm the earth (or your wallet!)

Have yourself an eco-summer holiday with these five tips! 

Travelling is a time when you want a quick fix, and many opt to purchase smaller, cheaper, disposables or lesser-quality items for personal care on the go. 

Items like an electric razor will be substituted for plastic razors, and an electric toothbrush will be swapped for a throw-away plastic option. People even buy mini tubes of toothpaste, mini shampoos, mini body washes and the list goes on.

There is a travel substitute for every personal care product you could dream of, but the unfortunate thing is they’re usually made from plastic and in plastic packaging.

They also are designed to have a short life cycle, meaning they are thrown away after a short use period. Think about how long a mini bottle of shampoo lasts you…

They then take hundreds of years to break down and will be on the planet long after us.

All for a few days of convenience. 

You have the choice every time you buy to make a difference. Remember that shopping is voting and any change or reduction in waste is a positive step in the right direction.

 You can do this! Besides, nil is here to help transform your everyday world into an ethical world.


How to become a spectacular eco-traveller: Ideas for travel substitutes that won’t harm the earth (or your wallet!)

Why buy travel shampoo bottles which create so much plastic waste when you could take a solid Shampoo Bar creating no waste at all? Not only that, but these bars are very small, absolutely perfect for travel!

A little goes a long way, nil’s Shampoo + Conditioner Bars have no added water so they're highly concentrated and will last as long as two bottles of regular shampoo would! To transport the bars, wait for them to dry and wrap them in Beeswax Bar Wrap. 

Or… nil’s Body Soap Bar is conveniently packaged in a beeswax bar wrap! Ready for you to take on the go, it’s not heavy, won’t take up as much space in your toiletries bag and it’s available in lemongrass, peppermint, or all-natural unscented.

If you must-have liquids, don’t transfer these into plastic travel bottles, instead reuse a mini glass jar as an on-the-go liquid holder.

With nil’s Bamboo Toothbrush and Toothbrush Travel Case, you’ll never have to buy a plastic toothbrush or toothbrush case again! Each travel case has small holes to release moisture, allowing the bamboo to dry between uses. They’re lightweight, perfect for travelling, and 100% natural, handmade from whole bamboo stalks. 

Instead of buying a disposable razor, take your regular razor in an Organic Cotton Razor Travel Bag.

You could level up once more and grab a Stainless Steel Razor which has replaceable blades, you can send us back your old ones and we’ll repurpose them. The razor even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Talk about a long product life cycle! 

When you’re camping takeaway coffees are the usual - be sure to take your Reusable Coffee Cup! It's now even easier to choose to reuse with this timeless travel buddy. The double-walled stainless steel will keep your coffee hot for up to three hours! So, you can be in full-on holiday mode, and know that your coffee won’t get cold if you forget about it. 

If you’re road-tripping, don’t forget to take a Travel Cutlery Set – keep it in your car and you’d be surprised it will come in handy. Also… have you ever noticed most food courts only have disposable plastic cutlery? Pop one into your handbag and you’ll never have to eat off a plastic fork that warps again.  

We love a good bonfire over the summer (with a council permit of course). It brings people together, provides a warm space to sit around talking with friends and family, and you can roast marshmallows! Next time you need a firelighter – don’t get those little white blocks of chemicals. Get a box of nil organic fire logs, made from off-cuts of our beeswax wraps, there are no added toxins, and their ashes act as a natural fertiliser for the earth. 

nil are trailblazers in this area and with you, we can make a difference. To date it’s estimated we’ve saved over two million pieces of plastic landing in our landfill. 

Our impact is directly linked to our products. They reduce waste by replacing single-use and less sustainable alternatives.

Sustainability education is another area of impact where we focus on inspiring change at the individual, business and government policy levels.

Small optimistic steps can save the world.


Happy travels you eco superstars!

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