Imagine a world without plastic - our nil effort subs

So you want to do the right thing but don’t know how?  You want to do your little bit to help the planet.  You want to be a conscious consumer?  Well we can make that transformation for you.

Thanks to everyone that has read my past posts and commented.  I am very excited about launching our very exciting new product.  I also know many of you feel the same.

So we have been talking about the need  for us all to do 'our little bit' to save the planet. How and what we buy does really count and how we can buy ethically with knowledge.  We also talked about the need for the change to be easy and convenient.

If every person in New Zealand started to only buy products not in plastic, can you imagine what our supermarkets would look like. Probably more like Commonsense Organics or a Bin Inn etc.  Imagine only filling one small bag of rubbish a week.  Imagine now seeing none of those horrendous videos that float around our social media feeds from dying dolphins with stomachs full of plastic rubbish or beautiful islands with rubbish all over the shore front.

My next and final post for a while, I will tell you exactly what the nil harm nil effort subscription is about. Below is a sneak peak but there is so much more!  I will also be offering the first 200 people to sign up 20% off.  Keep an eye out on the 30th of July 2019 (we have already given a special offer to those that attended our latest event on Monday!).

Anna B

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