Our Homebased workforce

We know how hard it can be getting back into the workforce after having a baby or even just finding a job that works around you and the kids. Life can be a juggle at times and then you add work in there. It can feel like everything’s falling apart. Here at nil all employees apart from one are mothers. We know what it’s like trying to find work that ticks all the boxes. So that’s when we decided to create an at home workforce.

Here at nil all parts of the business are touched by mums wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea. We employ 11 amazing mums all around New Zealand who make our Beeswax Wraps and Vegan Food Wraps in their homes. We use the traditional Outwork Model to enable these women to provide for their families and empower them. Every week we send out a box with our special wax recipe and our organic fabric to the mother’s homes. Our lovely ladies don’t even need to leave their home to work. From here our amazing mothers decide when they can wax and it’s completely on their schedule.

Our mummas do such an amazing job as well! We are extremely lucky to have them all. So every time you buy one of our Beeswax Wraps, Vegan Food Wraps or Fire Starters, know that it’s been hand-made by one of our mothers. Once they are done they send it back to nil HQ. Then our other amazing warehouse team packages them and sends them out.

We love the idea that we are helping our mothers get back into the work force and it’s on their terms. They don’t need to schedule sports practice, play date, family time or just day to day life errands around a job. With us they schedule their work around them.

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