Sustainable future for NZ - Covid19 reset - some 'think pieces'

The world has changed immensely since December 2019.  We have shut borders, people have died and we are heading into a 2 year recession/depression. But it is also a time to rethink and see what our future could be in New Zealand.

Can we create a future whereby sustainability is truly at the forefront of every decision both social and economic.  Is that really possible?  Who can we look to, to enable us to widen our thinking on this.  Who are the credible critics/thinkers in this throught process.

We have been reading many scholars, critics and credible people on how they see the future of New Zealand.  One credible group by the Lever Room have produced the Build Back Better Report. Link here  

Below is a graphic which summaries some of their points (apologies for bad pixelation of image, we will replace once we have a larger image).  We will be adding to this post over time with 'think pieces' which we believe are useful to widen our thinking on what our future could be.


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