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NEW ON THE BLOG: the lowdown on wool

facecloths, loofahs, and wipes are household staples right? why not choose staples made from 100% organic NZ wool, that are reusable, biodegradable, and compostable?

nil partners with local, female-led company, Woolchemy, to bring you our NZ wool range. Woolchemy use a special ‘neweZorb’ process (an eco-friendly wet treatment) to make the wool ultra-absorbent and super-hydrophilic. our nil homework force take the felted wool, cut it to size and pop it in biodegradable packaging. 100% NZ made.

we’re proud to be using NZ wool and partnering with local innovators.


it’s time to shine a spotlight on the power of wool…

founder of Woolchemy, Derelee Potroz-Smith says “using NZ wool, we could be making so much of a difference and leading the way internationally.”

Woolchemy use NZ wool to replace fossil-fuel derived synthetics in everyday products. 

toted among NZ carpet manufactures as “our miracle fibre saying; synthetics have a “negative impact on people’s health and the planet” whereas wool is strong, sustainable and a safer fibre to have in our homes.

the world needs responsible materials. scientists predict there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050. there’s no greater urgency for sustainable, renewable materials than now.


why wool?

  1. over it’s lifetime, a sheep’s fleece will absorb approximately 30Kg of carbon dioxide.
  1. due to it's high nitrogen content, wool is biodegradable in a matter of weeks. choosing wool products minimizes waste in landfills
  1. wool absorbs indoor contaminants, including formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide and locks them away in it’s fibre core.
  1. wool is composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of skin. it works in total HARMONY with the human body protection mechanisms. 
  1. wool fibres have a crimped texture so when it’s packed together tightly, pockets of air form, allowing skin to breathe, leaving you feeling fresh as a daisy.
  1. wool is the ultimate renewable fibre, flourishing in both rain and shine. shearers shave off wool every year before the weather gets too hot, and it grows back for the next!


so much goodness in one material! are you convinced the make the swap?

our 100% organic NZ wool range consists of:


for sustainable staple swaps: use our nz wool range for facecloths, loofahs, and wipes!

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