the ultimate Father's Day gift guide

Father’s Day is coming on September fourth.

looking for a unique gift that your father actually needs? we've curated a list of the best gifts that will knock Dad's socks off!

while Father’s Day is a special time to appreciate all the Dads and male role models in your life. And, if you don’t have those – why not get yourself a gift, or your Mum or Grandmother, who may have been Mum and Dad to you.

Dads are great, but they’re traditionally hard to buy for. Thankfully, nil’s got you covered. 

we've rounded up the best gift ideas for Dads of all kinds, including Step Dads, Father-in-laws, and Grandpa’s too. A gift guide that’s tailored to all the important men in your life — your Brother who just became a new Dad, your Husband who is a real-life superhero and your friend who is expecting a new baby any day now.

behold… nil’s ultimate Father’s Day gift guide.

for the Dad who loves his morning coffees: stainless steel reusable coffee cup

a travel mug, perfect fit for a car’s cup-holder. This tumbler will keep Dad’s coffee hot (or cold) for the long haul. even better? they’re made from stainless steel so Dad will know it is good quality, durable and sturdy.


for the Dad who likes a clean shave: stainless steel razor + bamboo shaving brush

the perfect solution to permanently reduce spend on barbershop visits! you can set up a #nileffort subscription to get refill blades sent out automatically on a monthly basis. they even come with a lifetime guarantee! Dads love those.

all Dads need a bamboo shaving brush, which help regular soap lather up like shaving foam. they help to exfoliate and lift facial hair, ready for shaving.


for the outdoorsy Dad: beeswax fire starter’s

because some Dads are just really into fire… have you ever seen a man get more excited than when it’s time to start a fire? 

unlike traditional fire starters, nil fire starters have ZERO chemicals so they won’t harm Dad, or the environment.


for the Dad with a bad back: organic wheat pack

they’re absolutely perfect for sore necks or other areas of the body. he’ll thank you when he pulls a muscle and needs fast pain relief, as they only take 1-2 minutes to heat up in the microwave.

for the Dad who’s skincare-curious: NZ wool facecloth  

all you need is the cloth and water! no other products, and it can be chucked in the washing machine like a regular flannel. so, it won’t be too hard for Dad to wrap his head around. but he will still feel fancy, and his skin will thank you.


for the Dad who loves mashed potatoes: veggie brush

for some reason, when you send Dad to the supermarket for potatoes, he almost always comes back with the dirtiest ones! why not get him a veggie brush, so he can scrub away all that dirt, and make beautiful mashed potatoes for the family.


for the Dad who really needs new sunglasses: bamboo sunglasses

handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo wood, with durable double stainless steel hinges fabricated into the arms of the glasses for added rigidity.

they’re heavy enough to sit comfortably while being worn, and light enough to have resting in the neck of a T-shirt. plus: they come in a bamboo protective case that Dad’s bound to appreciate.


and finally, for the fashionista Dad: straw hats

half price at the moment, for only $19.99 you can grab Dad a natural British straw hat, that is lightweight and well ventilated. So, they won’t get sweaty hat hair and they will look super style-y. 


share the love this Father’s Day – with the help of nil x

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