Vegan wraps - it is a wrap

We have heard of beeswax wraps but how about a vegan food wraps version? We have had huge success with beeswax wraps but we realised that vegans are missing out. As far as we know there are no companies in New Zealand who make a vegan version of the beeswax wrap. So of course Munch had to tuck in and see if we could do it! With a lot of research and test runs we can say we did it!

Munch has officially started making Vegan Food Wraps which are the vegan version to the beeswax wraps. We can’t share to many details about the recipe because it is top secret but it is 100% vegan and we are proud to say that. Munch and Nil will be debuting them at the Vegan Expo in Kapiti this weekend so make sure you pop in and say hi.

Now I know you are all wondering how are vegan food wraps possible? Well I can’t give out the recipe but what I can say is Candelilla wax. It’s an amazing plant-based wax which helps make the vegan food wraps sticky, pliable and smell amazing.

Now what’s the difference between beeswax wraps and our vegan version? Well we found an amazing link which explains the difference between the two which says “Candelilla wax is normally two-times denser than beeswax, so this may mean the vegan wrap is less pliable than the beeswax wrap”. It also says “The vegan wrap also can’t be easily mended with additional melted wax, unlike beeswax wraps”.

The difference I’ve noticed myself is you just need to warm the vegan wrap up a wee bit more in your hands and it works perfectly. To clean all you do is wash under warm soapy water and then wrap over the tap to dry and your done.

If you can’t make it to the vegan expo we have ya covered because these vegan wraps will be available online after the vegan expo!


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