We are very privileged that our award winning Nil wraps have been chosen to be part of the gift bags for the WED – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in New York on the 17th of November.

We were chosen due to our ethical sustainable approach to our company and products.  This fitted very well with the WED philosophy.

The mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization is to “alleviate poverty by empowering, celebrating and supporting women in business worldwide!”

Social entrepreneur and humanitarian Wendy Diamond is the CEO and Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), a privately-owned philanthropic organization with a mission and movement to empower women and girls globally, and alleviate poverty worldwide. A purpose that here at Munch Cupboard truly supports and we are very product to now be part of.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), and new international digital campaign and portal #ChooseWomen is a grassroots movement that empowers, celebrates and supports women in business worldwide. When women are elevated financially their communities, states, and countries prosper, which generates a global blueprint for alleviating poverty globally.


Today, women account for 85 percent of consumer purchases and control $20 trillion in global spending. At the same time, they perform 66 percent of the world’s work (both paid and unpaid) yet only earn 10 percent of the world’s income. In the U.S., there are approximately 10 M woman-owned businesses, generating $1.3T in revenue and employing 7.8 M people. This number is expected to increase by 90 percent in the next five years, with 500,000 new businesses being created each year in the U.S. alone. At the same time, 1 in 3 women in America lives in poverty and of the 1.3M people living in severe poverty globally, 70 percent are women and girls.

Women in developed and developing nations alike are becoming increasingly active participants in local and global economies at a rapid rate. Today, in the United States, 38% of new businesses are founded by women, but only between 2-6% of them receive VC funding. One recent survey of 350 woman-owned tech startups revealed that 80% of founders used their own savings to launch their businesses. At the same time, an increase of women in leadership positions from zero to just 30% is associated with a 15% increase in profitability.

Women are the world’s most responsible borrowers, paying back microloans worldwide today at a 97% rate of return. 90% of the money they earn is used to educate their children and to provide for their families.

Launched in 2014, WEDO works globally to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy by igniting a network of women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities around the world. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, WEDO builds and catalyzes the vital networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that women business leaders need to realize their full potential and change the world.

Through our movement we have grown to be celebrated in 144 countries and 110 universities. We convene Business Leaders, Government Officials and Civil society to collaborate and find solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship eco-systems, education and policy creation to empower women in business.

Our WEDO achievements from the past year include funding 500 Syrian refugee girls to attend high school in Jordan. In Oman, a WEDO ambassador announced an initiative to empower women and girls to use their vote against arranged marriage. We’ve partnered with a local university offering scholarships to the girls present at the WEDO event in Uruguay.

Since the first WEDO in 2014, we have grown our organization to become a powerful network for women in business, and have reached over 5 Billion people. We promote best practice, link women entrepreneurs with partners and consumers, and support over ambassadors globally to drive change.

Below is a list of VIPS that will be receiving our Nil wraps along with 200 others.

Ms. Goldie Hawn(Academy and Golden Globe Award Winning Actress, Director, Producer, and Founder Hawn Foundation)
Ms. Andrea Kerzner(Director Kerzner International, Founder Lalela Foundation)
Ms. Tao Porchon-Lynch(Actress & Guinness World Record Master Yoga Instructor)
Ms. Loreen Arbus(President/Founder of Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc., & The Goldenson-Arbus Foundation)
Ms. Baroness Verma(EU External Affairs Sub-Committee Chair, Member of The House of Lords)
Ms. Randi Zuckerberg(Founder & CEO Zuckerberg Media, host of Dot Complicated on SIRIUS Radio and New York Times bestselling Author)
Ms. Wendy Diamond(Founder & CEO Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization/ChooseWomen, Founder Animal Fair Media, Inc.)
Ms. Mindy Grossman(CEO of Weight Watchers, Formerly HSN Inc, Board of Directors UNICEF, National Retail Federation)
Ms. Kate Rogers(CNBC Small Business and Entrepreneurship Reporter)
Ms. Dottie Herman(President and Chief Executive Officer Douglas Elliman)
Ms. Jesse Draper(Founder Halogen Ventures)
Ms. Galia Benartzi(Co-Founder Bancor Protocol)
Ms. Cindy Whitehead(Founder & CEO of The Pink Ceiling)
Ms. Lauren Young(Money Editor, Reuters)
Ms. Suzanne Lerner(Co-Founder Michael Stars)
Ms. Heidi Messer(Co-Founder Collective(i), World Evolved and LinkShare)
Ms. Lucy Jarvis (CEO Jarvis Productions, Inc.)
Ms. Yue-Sai Kan (Emmy-winning Television Host & Producer, Founder of Yue-Sai Cosmetics, Best-Selling Author & Philanthropist)

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