wooden shaving brush
wooden shaving brush wooden shaving brush

Bamboo Shaving brush with natural hairs.

A quality bamboo shaving brush that whips any soap into a lather in 15 seconds, for men who love a smooth shave.

How to use: Dip the Wooden Shaving Brush into hot water and mix with your shaving soap or cream to build up a rich foamy lather. Massaging against the growth of the beard helps to lift the hairs, ready for shaving. Using circular motions, apply the lather to a wet face and leave for at least one minute before you begin shaving to ensure the hairs are as soft and wet as possible. Whilst the primary function of a shaving cream is to moisturise the face so that the razor will glide smoothly and effortlessly across the surface, it also serves to lock moisture into the hairs, making them soft and upright; ready for shaving.

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