How are nil products better for the environment?

Nothing added means no unnatural additives like preservatives or chemicals.  Nothing taken means the ingredients are generally bi products.  nil waste means once finished the nils add nothing more to the rubbish tip as they are bio degradable

Where are nil products made?

nils are handmade in New Zealand by local mothers.

Where are ingredients in nil from?

All ingredients are made in New Zealand

Is the beeswax certified organic?

Yes it is NZ certified organic beeswax.

How do they keep food fresher?

Instead of a plastic wrap containing your food the nils are made from natural ingredients which make your food fresher.

How are nil wraps more economic than standard plastic wrap? 

We believe that the average household in 6 months purchases 12 rolls of plastic wrap (and maybe some plastic lock bags) which approximately adds up to $50.  Whereas  you can buy 2 small nils, 2 medium nils and 2 large nils for less than $40.

What are your shipping rates and where do you ship too?

New Zealand $5 per kilo (1 roll of Nil is .200g)

Australia $10 per kilo

North America -United States, Canada $10 per kilo

Europe - Germany and United Kingdom $10 per kio