Spray trigger and bottle
Spray trigger and bottle Spray trigger and bottle

A custom made and very special Figgy & Co. trigger. These are perfect to attach to any Figgy glass bottles you have at home, or to repurpose our Figgy home cleaning liquid soap glass bottles.

What makes this trigger so special you may ask?

The Figgy & Co. team has searched the world over for a trigger that is truly suitable for their glass bottles. This custom made trigger is secure, leak-proof and shake-proof when used with their glass bottle- essential for DIY cleaning products. What’s more, this trigger will provide a long and healthy working life, but like all good things eventually it will come to an end- when this happens pop the trigger into the kerbside recycling (it is recyclable as one unit – no need to dismantle by plastic type), and replace with another hard-working trigger. No part of this trigger needs to end up in our land fill.