NZ phases out single-use plastics…. Earbuds & more

Between October 2022 and 2025, New Zealanders will say goodbye to plastic cotton buds, cutlery, straws, bin liners, produce bags, meat trays and takeaway containers. It’s about time we say! 


New Zealand is one of the top 10 per capita producers of landfill waste in the world. As a country, we throw out an average of 159g of plastic waste per person every day – WOW! 


Next time you pick up takeaways why not say NO to plastic waste and take a nil cutlery travel set instead. Or, save 30c at most restaurants and take your very own stainless steel lunchbox, go eco-warriors! 


Our environmental Minister says it’s time to “ensure we’re living up to our clean green reputation” and we couldn’t agree more. The proposed changes are estimated to remove more than 2billion single-use plastic items from our landfills each year! 


We love beauty as much as you, but it is not beautiful to have plastic polluting our soil. Keep your regular beauty routine and simply swap to nil biodegradable earbuds. Or prepare for when supermarkets no longer have plastic produce bags by stocking up on nil organic cotton produce bags


As well as the recent changes, the Government has proposed increasing the waste levy over the coming years, from $10 a tonne to $60 a tonne in 2023. That is great from a #nilharm standpoint – as they are placing barriers in the way of rubbish disposal. However, the majority of New Zealanders aren’t going to be used to this and it may cost more – so start minimizing your waste now and save yourself money long-term. 


For a #nilwaste option that you won’t even have to think about, our #nileffort subscription boxes show up on your door every second month. Packed with eco dishcloths, biodegradable bin liners, beeswax wraps, and one surprise eco product! It’s too easy to join the movement! Even better, with each subscription purchase, you contribute towards educating a child in need


The plastics which are being phased out, are the ones that most commonly end up in and pollute our waterways, oceans, and soil. By stepping away from hard to recycle and single-use plastic, we are protecting our Moana and Whenua. It is a part of the journey to move Aotearoa towards a low-carbon, low-waste, circular economy. 


Supposedly single-use coffee cups are next… so prepare early and get your hands on a stainless steel nil coffee cup. 


While we are so glad the Government is phasing out some single-use plastics, COVID-19 produced an enormous amount of waste, and marine scientists say “we’re running the risk of having more disposable masks than jellyfish in the ocean”. With a lifespan of 350 years, this covid-waste isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 


Invest in our oceans and get a nil waste facemask. We wanted our reusable masks to be affordable to all, so we priced them that we as a company are paying our workers fairly but taking minimal profit, this is not about money, it’s about ‘doing our little bit for NZ’.


Transform your everyday world into an ethical world with nil. Making it easy with nil effort to create a world that has nil harm and nil waste.


For more info on the proposed changes, click here.

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