Anna Bordignon

Founder and Director

I feel very privileged.  I am educated - LLB/BA/MBA and practised law and traveled the world for over 12 years.  I have a happy family, live by the ocean and have a beautiful home. I believe it is my duty as a privileged woman to offer back through the areas that I love.  That is the environment, people, design and business. I am painting a picture of an evolving world I want for my children and I never want it to end.  I see no reason why we cannot create business for good.  For me it is a natural progression of a society that cares for the environment and their people.   

mihi koe mo te whakarongo ki ahau

Anna Bordignon

Sonya Whitticase - Production and Logistics Manager

Sonya is a highly experienced Production Manager.  She has worked for many New Zealand manufacturing companies ranging from Starfish clothing to Eruka and many others.  Sonya manages the numerous Outwork contractors that weave our amazing nil story.

Michelle Stempa - Logistics Co ordinator

Michelle assists with all aspects of logistics and production.

Kat Gregor - Sales Representative

Kat has a wealth of experience in sales and merchandising. She has a strong interest in the planet and in particular a love for our beautiful ocean.

Blackjet - Marketing online

Christine from Blackjet comes with a lot of experience from both running her own brands to growing a marketing agency. Christine has a love for sustainability and authentic brands in this field.