Our beeswax and vegan makers are the threads that weave our amazing story.  These are mainly women who often find it difficult to obtain part time work from home.  Working from home allows people to work within their own hours and there is no accessibility issue.  A concept that was prevalent prior to the Industrial Revolution.  Over the last 100 years this type of work has almost become non existent. But here at nil we have reinvented this model to create our passionate collective of makers. We have over 20 women who each week receive a box from HQ to make our products in their homes. We then pick this work up and pack and ship all over the world. Our unique model began over 4 years ago and since then we have made over 500,000 beeswax wraps (it now includes knitted and sewn goods). In turn this means we have saved over 500,000 units of plastic rubbish alone. 

The model is driven by Anna's belief that everyone has a right to be part of the financial global market no matter how small we are.  We just need to find new ways to include people.  Involving those that may traditionally be excluded from obtaining an income is one way to close the income equality gap.

Each time you buy a nil there is a story and you will become part of our weaving.  Buy something good and do something good with nil. nil harm - nil waste!