nil camping gift box
nil camping gift box nil camping gift box nil camping gift box

Looking for a great eco Christmas Gift? At this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere our Christmas is a time of camping, delicious BBQs and outdoor living. So what better than to give an eco camping gift box full of sustainable, useful and ethical essentials to truly enjoy our beautiful outdoors. 

Also this gift box will make a great DAD present.Try our eco camping gift box now, limited stock available.

Remember we can write a little note in the box for your giftee.

You will receive the following:

10 Original organic nil firestarters

Made from the offcuts from our beeswax wraps production, this is the ultimate nil waste product. Plus they will get your fire going in no time. Each firestarter burns for about 15min without any toxic fumes or chemicals. A true sustainable product for your BBQ or fireplace. 

nil eco dishcloth

Our dishcloths might look like a piece of art, but are super-absorbent and reusable. They can be washed over and over again and at the end of their life they will decompose in your compost within approximately 6 weeks.

nil compostable bin liners

Our nil bin liners are certified and will break down in your home compost in about 3 months, which makes them a great alternative to traditional plastic bags. They come with 20 bags per roll, 30litres each.

nil wooden dishbrush

Replace your plastic brushes with this beautiful wooden alternative. The bristles are made from Tampico fibre, which is very resistant and hard-wearing. The wooden part is sustainably sourced beech wood. The whole brush is compostable at the end of its life.

 Heads can be replaced. 

10 stainless steel pegs

They might look small, but are mighty strong. Made from rust-free stainless steel these pegs can certainly take on the great outdoors without a problem. These pegs will last you a lifetime.