How to think like a conscious consumer over the Christmas period.

How to think like a conscious consumer over the Christmas period.

November and December are two of the biggest spending months of the year. 

Whether you prefer shopping deals online from the comfort of your home, or in the buzz of physical stores -Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be bad news for our environment.

nil and our sister brand Munch are taking a stance this year. Buy less, demand more - say NO to Black Friday. Or at least, think like a conscious consumer over this period.



This is a period that tends to encourage overconsumption, remember all purchases impact both people and the planet. Aim to ensure this is a positive impact by following Munch and nil's top tips for conscious spending during the silly season.


Give back to a local charity – or shop with a brand that does. 

This year, as a way to push conscious consumerism, from Black Friday until the end of November - for any order placed via our Munch and/or nil brands over $99, we will donate 10% to Ghost Diving New Zealand (GDNZ).

This donation also applies to stockist orders paid for within seven days. That’s right, ‘tis the season for giving. So, it is the perfect time to stock up on sustainable gifting lines, and know that 10% of your payment will go directly to charity.

GDNZ actively promotes awareness and marine conservation through seafloor and coastline clean-ups in regional and remote New Zealand locations. Munch and nil are incredibly proud to partner with them. Help us dive into a cleaner future with Ghost Diving NZ. 

Subject to Wellington City Council approval, their next event is their Annual Harbour Clean Up on 11th February 2023. Give them a follow on Facebook and stay tuned for more details! 


Shop with brands who hold similar values to you

Remember: Consumers can influence big manufacturers and businesses, and have the power to inspire others with simple acts such as choosing an alternative.

Here’s a #hack for you: If a consumer goods brand is transparent and operating from a sustainable, social and ethical premise, you should be able to find an ‘impact’ or ‘advocacy’ tab on their website. They should also be publicly reporting on their social and sustainable impact, and this information should be on their website. 

Did you know… our sister brand Munch was one of the first companies in New Zealand to not only report on and make public commitments but to also measure KPIs for progress made on social and sustainable goals?

Since our establishment in 2014, we have worked from a sustainable, social and ethical premise. We celebrate all businesses that are trying to save our planet even if those steps are small. We do not critic the steps that have not been taken yet as we just need businesses to start.

Let’s give them a push to start! Buy less, demand more - say no to Black Friday. 


Eco-friendly Holidaying

At this time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, our Christmas is a time of camping, delicious BBQs and outdoor living. ⛺

Now, we know we’re a bit early and people aren’t quite jet-setting just yet. However, this is the time when a lot of holidays are booked and travel plans are made. So, what better time than now to give your trip an eco-makeover? 

Air travel connects loved ones, economies and cultures. But it also creates carbon emissions. Air New Zealand now offer an option to offset your carbon emissions on flights for as little as $2.43 per passenger.

Their programme FlyNeutral lets you offset your share of a flight's carbon emissions with carbon credits from international projects while accelerating biodiversity and climate outcomes in New Zealand.

Once you’re at your destination, try and think of how you can treasure nature and relax, without taking away from or harming ecosystems. When camping, stay away from single-use items and you’ll dramatically reduce waste. 

Our nil ladies have been busy making eco gift boxes! Check out our camping box for some eco-travel inspiration. 


Shop Locally 

We’ve heard this so many times by now, but it reduces emissions significantly, purchasing from independent local shops, just think of all the packaging you’ll save!

Plus, you’ll be supporting your local community. 


Remember, vote with your spending choices! Think like a conscious consumer over this period.

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