Be kind to the planet with our #nilharm beauty tools

When it comes to being sustainable, there’s no industry more confusing than beauty. With a plethora of brands, products, and prices, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make or keep — your routine green. 

Behold… nil’s top tips for an eco-friendly beauty routine. 


In an era of beauty routines with elaborate steps, we recommend, identifying what you really need. This will curb excess packaging ending up in the landfill, and help you be more mindful of the products you choose. 

Do you really need multiple single-use sheet facemasks? When instead you could give yourself a deep-cleanse with a reusable konjac sponge– that is chemical-free, naturally improves skin texture and balances PH. 

If you’re used to your routine, it can be easier to change it gradually. Start with introducing one sustainable tool at a time - it’ll make the transition to a greener routine run smoothly, ensuring no products are wasted in the process. You won’t even notice a swap of plastic floss to silk floss – and if anything, silk floss looks MUCH more aesthetically pleasing. 

Limit or remove single-use products. These only add to our waste problem. It’s easy to substitute many single-use beauty tools, such as; makeup pads, face wipes, plastic earbuds, floss, and razors. Shopping consciously reduces overall consumption and repeat purchases. 

Easy you’re asking? Here’s how nil makes it easy… We’d like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for the conscious consumer. Nil adds a minimalistic approach to your routine. In fact, you are guaranteed that adding a nil product will reduce household waste and extend the lifecycle of your beauty tools. Such as nil’s stainless steel razor– which has a lifetime guarantee.  


It’s a common misconception among consumers that eco-friendly, sustainable products mean a compromise on quality. Today, there are a HUGE array of eco options that do perform – without compromise on smell, quality, or texture. We all know that dreaded earthy smell, of ‘eco-shampoo’… 

 Well, have you tried the nil grapefruit shampoo and conditioner bars? Our customers are always raving about these and how they result in hair, and wallets looking so much healthier. One bar is equivalent to two bottles of product, and the highly concentrated formula – makes a visible difference. 


From biodegradable packaging – to ethical business practices, shop with a brand whose values align with your own. Consumers have the power to drive change in this industry – where you choose to spend your money matters. Think – how does this brand source its ingredients? Do they act ethically regularly? This information is usually available in the “about us” section on their website. If they do any of the above, they will most likely be screaming it from the rooftops and evidently, act on it. If not, you can generally find well-worded claims that avoid these topics. 

For example; we are very proud of our Homework force model that supports women who find it difficult to obtain work. This is a model-driven by our belief that everyone has the right to be part of the financial market, and that involving those that may traditionally be excluded is one way to close the income equality gap


We certainly scream about this from the rooftops… you can find pages on our website and regular mentions in our social media posts – this is called PROOF. Look for social proof in the places you choose to spend your money, good luck with your investigating. *wink. 

We hope to have pushed through the noise and #greenwashing of the beauty industry, and given valuable tips for the conscious consumer. 


Each time you buy a nil there is a story and you become part of our weaving. Buy something good and do something good. Small optimistic steps can save the world.

Anna Bordignon x 

(founder of nil & their sister brand Munch)

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